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Ancient Alien Theory Official Website

Ancient Alien Theory Official Website
Ancient Aliens & Ancient Astronaut Theory

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ancient Alien Theory ~ Alien Influence of Mankind?

Ancient Alien Theory ~ Alien Influence of Mankind?


How did we get here?

Is there proof of Ancient Alien Theory?

The question: where did we come from and are we alone, has remained a mystery for mankind for ages.  Religions, Cultures, and Life in general has been decided by this question. One of the oldest theories, new to most, is the “ancient astronaut” scenario also known as Ancient Alien Theory.  The Ancient Alien Theory is the belief that Aliens may have influenced our ancient past.  These Aliens were regarded as "Gods" and used their technology to manipulate and help man kind.  If this were true... wouldn't there be evidence?  Lets look at some examples.

The Sumerians and the Anunnaki

The Sumerians are one of the oldest known civilations.  The Sumerians believed they were created by the Anunnaki, whom needed to mine the earth and came from another planet.  "Ancient Alien Theorists" point to such things as ancient artifacts that appear out of place or time, as well as the many structures throughout the world that have no apparent explanation as to their use and little evidence remaining of how they were built. The abundant historical gaps that archeology has not been able to provide data for, leaving some to speculate that the gaps are due to extraterrestrial technology that was taken with them when these beings left the planet. What is even more interesting than what hasn’t been found is what has… structures and artifacts from thousands of years ago that indicate at the very least a belief in life outside Earth.

Gobekli Tepe

One ancient site, sparking interest among "Ancient Alien Theorists" is Gobekli Tepe in Southeastern Turkey.  Carbon dating has attempted to debunk many of the ancient megaliths as being built more recently than once believed. However, with Gobekli Tepe, carbon dating actually backs up the theory that the structure is more than ten thousand years old. In nearby Mesopotamia (Sumer), the Sumerians had legends of people from the sky known as the Anunnaki, according to the late Zechariah Sitchin. If his translations were correct (and it is important to note that most of the scientific community disagrees with his findings), the Anunnaki created human beings to mine the resources of the planet. Could this structure, built before the dawn of the Sumerian civilization, be a part of that beginning?

Puma Punku

Another site that proponents of the ancient alien theory believe points to evidence of extraterrestrials is Puma Punku in the Bolivian Andes mountains. What is noteworthy about Puma Punku is the precision in which the structure is made. The links are completely perfect and designed in stone that is one of the hardest of the earth, diorite. What was used to cut these stones so precisely and more important… where are the construction materials?   A site similar, to Puma Punku, also with huge stones and evidence supporting Ancient Alien Theory is Mycenae Greece.  According to legend, Mycenae was built by Perseus, a cyclops.

Nazca Lines

There are many of these structures and stories throughout the world that seem to indicate there has at least been the thought of life on other planets for thousands of years. Structures such as Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid, along with the mysterious Nazca lines in Peru are filled with questions and yield very little answers as to how they were built, or even for what purpose. All of this brings back the original question… how did we get here? The answer, if not in the stars, may be connected to them somehow.  We must open our minds to "What is possible?"


Why was it built?  For what purpose?  .... still a mystery to mankind.
Although the Sarsens in Stonehenge clearly come from nearby Marlborough Downs, there are conflicting explanations about how Stonehenge’s builders managed to transport the bluestones, which geologists believe originated in the Preseli Hills of Wales, to Salisbury Plain in England, where the monument was erected; some argue that they used brute muscle power to load the stones into boats and drag them overland, while another recent theory holds that an Ice Age glacier actually did the work of moving them.
Believers in Ancient Alien Theory, however, offer a third possibility—that extraterrestrials with advanced technology may have done the dirty work for humans. Controversial Swiss author Erich von Däniken, author of the 1968 bestseller Chariots of the Gods and other books, has promoted the idea that alien astronauts who visited Earth in ancient times had a role in the creation of Stonehenge and other giant structures that otherwise would have been beyond the ability of humans.

Another hypothesis advanced by Ancient Alien Theorists is that Stonehenge’s human builders replicated the shape of an alien spacecraft to pay homage to extraterrestrial visitors, in the fashion of the cargo cult that sprang up the island of Tanna in the South Pacific, where indigenous people worshipped World War II American aviators who had brought them supplies.


  1. The evidence is mounting! When using an "open mind" the proof for Ancient Alien Theory is everywhere. Spread the truth.. Ancient Aliens Were Here.

  2. I promise you, we are NOT alone!


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