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Ancient Alien Theory Official Website
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chariots of the Gods by Erich Von Daniken

Chariots of the Gods? Is a 'non fiction' book written by Erich Von Daniken which was first published in 1968 at the peak of man kinds interest in space travel. It was put out through Bantam Books and examines the possibilities that humans have been visited by aliens in the past and more significantly that those interactions have left behind signs.

I believe in Ancient Alien Theory. I find the book Chariots of the Gods fascinating, it was a book that I read first years ago and the ideas have stuck with me over that entire time. What is Ancient Alien Theory? The theory there is proof in hieroglyphs, cave paintings and even written records that humans were visited by alien creatures in the past. He even suggests that many of the gods of ancient religions, and possibly even God could have been a space traveler. This is a bit far for me but the idea is still interesting.

At the core of this book is the same question that they ask at Seti, and even in some ways in most churches. That question is are we alone. Is the universe filled with life, are there people looking out for us or is this a cold universe with a single flickering candle that is life on earth with the rest remaining dark.

What makes this book so different than many of the others is that it goes through and discusses and looks at the images of ancient civilizations often putting them next to the modern images of astronauts or others and showing that there really are some interesting similarities.

Erich Von Daniken visited the Nazca Lines in Peru, and noticed how the Nazca Lines may have been created as a way to communicate with Ancient Aliens.  The Nazca Lines are only visible from the air or by flight.
The name itself Chariots of the gods comes from a biblical story in which the chariot of God came out of the sky and took Elijah into heaven. It seems clear in this story that the chariot is a metaphor for something more spectacular and the author of this book suggests that the fire could have been the fire from the rockets of a ship.
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