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Ancient Alien Theory Official Website
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Who Were The Anunnaki?

Who Were The Anunnaki?

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January 26, 2011

The Evidence Of Ancient Aliens
By Jason Martell
Jun 19, 2010

Current UFO and alien reports are very similar to ancient descriptions of the "anunnaki" Android beings that are often regarded to as "ancient aliens." When we study descriptions of what we call "grey aliens" we can deduce that they do not look like us at all or the Anunnaki for that matter. Although, the reports they give of the Anunnaki "helpers" are very similar to reports of our modern day "greys."

When we analyze the descriptions of Aliens from people who claim to have been abducted, most of the aliens are described as being small grey beings that have large eyes, a bulbous head, and act almost "Android" like. Through the great works of scholars such as Zecharia Sitchin and Lloyd Pye, we have learned that the Anunnaki are said to have created Humans from the primitive man already here, and combined their genes with the primitive Neanderthal to create us.

(In their image and after their likeness - just like the bible)

Most of the abduction cases usually have a similar story to them saying that the aliens do medical exams and even experiments having to do with our reproduction system. Today, we cannot be sure if that was also happening in Ancient Sumerian culture, which dates back to 6,000 B.C, making it the oldest culture on Earth. However, we can deduce that they interacted with beings more advanced than them by studying the evidence they left behind.

To this day, we still use the same calendar, time and mathematical system they used back then. From the evidence left over from them, we can see many similarities to what they had and what we have in our modern day age. They describe a planet X as being very far away (roughly 30,000,000,000) miles from Earth at its farthest point in orbit, which is the planet they say their gods or rather the Anunnaki were from.

Even with today's technology, that would make it very complicated to travel from Earth to Planet X because of such a vast distance. We don't know how, but one way or another their "gods" supposedly did this. We believe that it is likely the vast and advanced knowledge Ancient Sumer had was given to them by these advanced beings. The Sumerian people had a lot of knowledge about the solar system and their "gods" who from heaven came to Earth. Sumerians also report a being that they described in our terms as "android beings."

The Sumerians tell us that the Anunnaki had "helpers" that often performed such tasks as flying their craft , or helping with miscellaneous needs. The Sumerians directly explain that these "Helpers" we not alive, but acted as so... Not only did they make figurines of the visitors, they also wrote down in Cuneiform text (on stone) what took place during the encounters with these "Android Beings". Again, these helpers were much like the grey aliens being reported today.

There are tons of stories out there where Emissaries of God helped out. Do you think it is possible that the "greys" were created by these anunnaki as watchers to look after their experiments on our planet? If these android beings are the Gods spoken about in the ancient texts and even our bible, then do you think it is possible that they could have also created an "android race" apart from the human being?

If you believe the theory that the anunnaki exist on Nibiru (planet x) and they created humans using genetic engineering, years ago, then it makes sense that they would be interested in us. We may be one of their largest experiments. What if they also experimented with races outside of planet Earth? If the anunnaki exist, then it is possible there are many other races on alien planets too. That would be logic. Perhaps the anunnaki also used a mix between the known "zetaz" or "greys" and created a race to serve them.
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